The Company


Established during the late noughties, is an UK based online fashion retail store, based in the worlds fashion district, London. We offer an extensive range of fashion wear for all demographic.

What distinguishes us from other online retail store is that we have a widespread of brands at a lower, affordable and obtainable cost compared to that of our competitors.

Our aim at is to offer you the up most in current fashion trends and more so to make fashion easy. mission is to become a prominent online retail company.  Providing customers with the best of service and products. Our vision is not only to become a market leader but also we intend to provide a platform for up and coming artist.

-              To provide a wide range of merchandise at a reasonable price.

-              To help promote “up and coming” artists (read below for more information)
-              To provide our customers with the up most in customer care.


What makes our business different?

What helps distinguish from other online retailers in the market is that we intend to focus and sell designers who are “up and coming”. We have noticed that there are a great volume of designers which are entering the market however they seem not to have a platform to sell, we plan on using as a medium for these designers to trade from.